I am Golden

Golden milk is a warm delicious beverage used in Ayurvedic practices for over 4000 years. Our I AM GOLDEN™ Sacred Golden Milk goes beyond this traditional holistic drink with the unmatched power of fermented turmeric, ginger, and other precious ingredients. Fermentation optimizes these ingredients making them more bioavailable and extremely potent.

We have carefully sourced ingredients like the rare Tremella Snow Mushroom, Sea Buckthorn, and Schisandra for skin beautification from the inside out. Our proprietary super mushroom blend is suspended in a base of coconut water powder for hydration, coconut milk powder for silkiness, and a spice blend that is w and satisfying.

We call our Sacred Golden Milk the overall wellness drink for honoring your body. Enjoy before or after your meditation practice or as your daily recovery ritual. Slightly sweet. Satisfying. Only 25 calories per serving. No added sugar. 

We love adding it to warm almond milk (or milk of choice). Finish by using a handheld frother for a foamy, delightful, daily drink. 

Suggested use:

Add one scoop of Sacred Golden Milk to an empty cup. Top with 4-6 oz warm water. Stir often to avoid settling.